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The team and its history

In 2002, Michael Nguyen and Roland Weinrich founded the company Nguyen y Weinrich, S.L.

La Palma 24 Rent a Car started in October 2002 with 20 rental cars and a small office in La Laguna. The La Palma 24 holiday accommodation portal was founded a little later and was managed for many years by Michael Nguyen's mother Hella Nguyen and his wife Heidrun Schumann, until Dörthe Onigkeit took the reigns in 2014.

But everything step by step.

Due to the steady increasing of the company, an expansion of the facility became inevitable and in November 2010 we moved with both companies, La Palma 24 Holiday Accommodation and La Palma 24 Rent a Car into a spacious, modern office. It was centrally located, directly on the main road next to the pharmacy in Todoque.

In autumn 2013, the La Palma 24 Journal went online, at that time still under the leadership of Gudrun Bleyhl. The internet magazine with news, event information and reports about the country and people on the Isla Bonita was initially intended to inform customers and promote La Palma - today the German journal is part of the reading of many island guests and residents on La Palma.

We expanded our car rental business in the summer 2015 to include e-bikes and motorcycle rentals. We bought two e-bikes and four motorcycles.

On 19th of September 2021, our lives changed with the volcanic eruption in the Cumbre Vieja. After about a month, the volcano buried the entire location of La Palma 24 under the lava, so we lost several offices and the 800 sqm property of the car rental company.

On 5th of November 2021, Roland Weinrich transferred his company shares to Daniel Schumann and Michael Nguyen.

Since the 1st of February 2022, the company has been based in the “secret capital” of La Palma, Los Llanos. In the heart of the city, at the Plaza España, directly behind the church, in an old-Canarian house in the Calle Fernández Taño 5, are the new offices of La Palma 24 Rent a Car, the La Palma 24 holiday accommodation, the La Palma 24 Journal, as well as the newly founded software company TuneraSoft, S.L.

La Palma 24 Rent a Car is under the management of Michael Nguyen and his son Daniel Schumann and stands for competence and reliability. The family business deals with all enquiries and bookings in a committed, friendly, fast and individual manner and is always concerned about the satisfaction of its customers.

The vehicle maintenance is the job of our team, because only vehicles in perfect condition are rented out to our customers.

Currently, the fleet includes 28 rental cars, 11 motorcycles, 6 scooters and 5 e-bikes.

We offer our guests a 24/7 support and this in three languages - German, English and Spanish.

The focus on quality and service has proven itself: In October 2022, La Palma 24 celebrated its 20th anniversary and has a large and loyal customer base.

Michael Nguyen

Michael brought due his experience in tourism and his long employment in a renowned rental car company a lot of knowledge, and a great deal of patience and creativity into the new business and founded in 2002 together with Roland Weinrich La Palma 24 Rent a Car.

To complete the company's package, he started a little later together with Volker Horch and Gladys Riego the La Palma 24 holiday accommodation portal. Innovative and tireless, he then founded in autumn 2013 the La Palma 24 Journal.

Michael, called by everyone Miki, knows the island like his vest pocket and is also a passionate motorcyclist. That's why he currently plays a major role in the motorcycle rental business. Customers receive many valuable insider tips from him, not only regarding the bikes.

Daniel Schumann

Daniel, the son of Heidrun Schumann and Michael Nguyen, was born and raised on La Palma. He successfully completed his tourism studies in Tenerife after 4 years and speaks excellent Spanish, German and English. Since 5th of November 2021, Daniel is, together with Michael, the owner and managing director of the company.

Daniel deals with all enquiries and bookings from our clients by email or telephone with a lot of patience and empathy. He ensures that the vehicle handovers run smoothly, organises the maintenance of all vehicles and is the number one contact person for all customers, whether on the 24-hour standby mobile phone, at the airport, at the port or in our office in Los Llanos.


Joshua was born on the island and joined the La Palma 24 Rent a Car team in October 2022. He takes care of the vehicle maintenance and brings the vehicles to the rentals or maintenance on time. Joshua is responsible for the rentals of our Spanish-speaking customers and is happy to give vacationers tips about places of interest or good restaurants on the island.

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