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Zona Azul

Since 2016 the cities of Los Llanos de Aridane and Santa Cruz de la Palma have the so-called “Zona Azul” (blue zones). These zones should banish long-term parkers and help people to find a short-term parking space for their cars.

Attention! Those who don't buy a ticket get immediately punished. If no ticket is bought or the parking time has expired it comes quickly to a penalty ticket which is fixed on the windscreen of the rental car. The ticket shows 90 Euros. Parking offender will get in addition to the penalty ticket a card with the description how to pay the penalty immediately. This is urgently recommended because those who immediately pay 4 Euros into the ticket machine don’t have to pay the 90 Euro penalty. You’ll find beside the penalty ticket and the card with the description how to pay the penalty in an envelope at the windscreen. Place the penalty together with the ticket into the envelope and fed it into the slot at the top of the ticket machine.

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