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Ecki 27. March 2017 at 19:23

Hello, I had the FMX from 15.03.17 - 19.3.17 rented and am thus 980 km driven. The island is a dream! Finally, roads without many straights. The asphalt provides grip without end. Since the motorbikes from La Palma 24 are equipped with very good tires, you can get it crashing.

Rental La Palma 24 is the best! Super friendly with uncomplicated great service. I can only recommend to all moped drivers. Come back again.

Greeting to the entire team

Lutz 20. July 2016 at 21:04

WHAT FOR A FUN !!!!!!!

As owner of a GPZ 900 and more than 30 years of driving practice, I chose the ER 6 N to explore the island on two wheels: -)

The little one with 72 hp and 650 ccm is the absolute island racer.

I spent three days studying the Kawasaki and learning to love them. About 660 KM she accompanied me across the island.

Day 1 the complete southern tip and as many secondary roads as possible. The drive to El Pilar from the east ... a real treat. Quickly over to the Cumbrecita and home (El Paso)

Day 2 a west / north / east / west tour. WOW as the fluppt. The ER 6 N simply does everything. The nice is to leave the big LP1 and the smaller ones to leave !!!!!

Day 3 to the Roque. ALWAYS AGAIN A HIGHLIGHT !!!! From the east high up and down again in the north-west. Right, because I wanted to drive the good old LP 109, because I did not know it yet. WOW, what a street. For inexperienced bikers not recommended. Very narrow and lots of chunks on the asphalt - is already pointed out at the beginning already on signs - it is one of the most beautiful roads I could drive on the island :-) Impressive were the three tunnels. No lighting, only position SLAM. The ER did not take it and roared in the tubes vigorously. The biker heart laughs !!!! The day is drawing to a close, but not without a visit to the Mirador de Los Brecitos. Says, it was worth it. Eight hours of motorcycle fun and about 250 KM, SUPERTOLL !!!

Sodele dear ER 6 N. Thanks for the nice time. You are the BEST BIKE for this island. Enough ccm, more than enough horsepower and agile like a weasel. I hope to see you again.

Many greetings to La Palma 24 TEAM !!!!!


Juliane 27. June 2016 at 03:46

I had the Kawa ER6n for three days in April 2016. At home I drive a Yamaha XV1100 with long fork and pre-set footrests. Of course, was a changeover, but the little Kawa has brought me bravely everywhere, always following the sun. I wanted to get rid of the fear of highs and serpentines, which also worked wonderfully. A very well maintained bike, handy and reliable. It makes every shit with 😉 And because on the east side of the island only on the rain was, I must probably come back again, because on the Roque I did not make it because. Greetings from Lower Saxony, Juliane

Christoph 12. Abril 2016 at 05:21

Hello Motorcycle friends,

I had two motorcycles between 14.03.-19.03.2016 two motorcycles lent. Since the 650er FMX was still not available, I had only the 125er MSX. The briefing with the reviewer's glances, including helpful hints about breaches of the law, such as improper parking or speed overshoot, was brief, crisp and without unnecessary questioning.

The 125s MSX is more than just a pretty motorcycle, but also very agile and agile in the small curves and pips in La Cumbrecita. There you can enjoy the landscape quite relaxed at a pace. With the 650er FMX it is recommended to drive up the Roque course and an island round trip with about 200km in 8 hours is also feasible. Everyone can take his breaks as he wants, you can not drive every road in a few days. For me it was unique (maybe twice ... - to see) the pulse of the island directly to feel and the landscape with the motorcycles to enjoy. By bus it is a great way to get to Los La Palma by way of Los Llanos to Todoque. I went about 550 km in the 5 days and can only recommend it to anyone who can and can ride a motorcycle. There is no better feeling than exploring La Palma with motorcycles.

Continue so (and maybe with a 250/500 in the fleet).


Jens Z 8. March 2016 at 19:10

Hola Leuts,
Absolutely your opinion! Was great fun. The next time I'm back!

Christian V. 13. February 2016 at 21:06

Hello Biker friends,

we rented three bikes from La Palma 24 in February 2016 and really made a sensational tour. Super asphalt and really useful motorcycles in a very good condition. We rode across the island. Absolutely recommendable to experience a really cool summer-motorbike tour in the middle of winter. Christian V.

Georg 5. october 2015 at 09:09

Lastly, La Palma offers the ultimate fun for bikers. With the new motorcycle fleet from La Palma you can now also explore the small winding roads on the island by bike. A dream the routes and the landscapes. Who is not the highway heater, but curves loves is here in the best way. With the Honda FMX 650 I explored the island. The (for deusche ratios) meager 38HP are more than sufficient for the local road conditions. What counts for the curve is maneuverability and low weight. Both the FMX 650 performs excellently.

My tour went first from Puerto Naos across the west side north to Sta. Domingo. The small, less frequented streets at El Kastillo lead through numerous ravines. From there we went to the highest point of the island, the 2.424m high Roque de Los Muchachos. The course there winds up in countless curves - hardly a stretch of road with more than 200m straight ahead. After a break to the summit, we went through pine forests on the east side and then down through Lobeerwälder to Sta. Cruz de La Palma, the capital of the island. Again, the curve follows the curve, Instead of going over the main road with the tunnel to the Westeite, my tour continued on the east side along the volcanic slopes of the South Island along Mazo, Los Canarios on the southern tip and at an altitude of 600m along the mountain flank through pine forests to Las Manchas above Puerto Naos. About 170km.

The motorcycle was in excellent condition, the brakes are super and the new tires are an excellent road location. With the handing over of the motorcycle was a well-informed briefing. Conclusion: exploring the bike La Palma is a dream for every biker I have made true for me.

Georg Biker since 1979, BMW 1000RS, more than 500Tkm

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